Wednesday, January 20, 2010

case study unholy matrimony

Over the weekend, I heard the owner of my favorite store, Anastasia, is having a retail baby with Bret Westfall of Unholy Matrimony!!!!!!!!!!! Case Study Unholy Matrimony is "a new conceptual space aimed at destroying any and all boundaries that limit creationism within conceptual art, design and lifestyle " F.U.C.K IAMSOFREAKINGEXCITED. EEEEEE!!!!!!

If you're in LA, make sure you go visit! 138-140 La Brea, Los Angeles CA 90036 .. Right by American Rag Cie.

In the mean time please visit Anastasia and get your Junya/Kris van Assche/CDG/Yohji/Tao/Sharon Wauchob/Marigela loving ass some retail therapy (for the few of you that read my blog, I'm assuming you at least like one of these designers)!

Anyways, on to window shopping at Studiohomme.Com

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