Friday, June 19, 2009

Feed My Eyes, Can You Sew Them Shut?

Been feeling a little bit moody lately and listening to Man in the Box over and over and over again lately.. Layne was such an amazing singer


For the past year or so, I've been completely obsessed with getting my hands on a plain black maxi dress (non-empire, non-halter) or plain black long skirt . It also seems like everyone else is on the same page, because everytime I found one, they'd always be sold out or out of my size.

A couple weeks ago, I finally found it: A gorgeous Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto maxi dress with horizontal stripes of varying degress of sheerness.

Originally wanted to wear my platform boots (from my early college days) but I was anticipating a day of possibly carrying boxes around the office, so decided to stick with the flat motorcycle boots.

I tried taking pictures of the actual outfit I wore, but the details wouldn't show up, so it's just the dress and boots.


  1. oh my god are you fuckin kidding me.. that's the most amazing dress ever

  2. the shoes and the sheer dress = perfection

  3. It's a great dress. I know what you mean when it comes to finding a maxi dress. They're either too hippy or too evening gown and the ones I like are always sold out. I might have to check out Y3 one of these days. I love the sheer aspect of the dress and the boots are a great combo as well.

  4. fuck! I listen to man in the box when I feel like shit too:

    I have even posted about it.
    oh my.
    hello by the way from Greece.

  5. been on the lookout myself. . . great find!

  6. haha i was watching ftv the other day and the Y3 show on and i saw your dress!! was an exciting moment!! haha


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