Wednesday, June 3, 2009


More scans from Ethnic Style . This time, I have selected various images of African tribal coiffure.

Ladder Coiffure showing high standing for major social occasions

Mangbetu woman

Woman from Angola

Woman from Ethiopia

Woman from Angola


  1. I just realized I never answered your question... the NIN concert I'm going to isn't part of the NIN/JA tour, it's just NIN. It's a bit of a bummer, but at this point I'll take any tour NIN throws my way before Trent disappears from the music scene (and gets married and has 10 kids... can you believe he's tying the knot?).

    Those African hairstyles are incredible. I'm guessing in some African cultures it symbolizes what hats and other headgear represent. Quite stunning.. like works of art.

  2. love the coiffure,.... so inspiring! are they living with this all their life or wha? must take ages

  3. To be chaste, those African hairstyles are insane! I've never seen something like that before. Africa is a great continent with a huge culture, all is about symbols and folk. We can't ignore this tribes because they're the base of the modern civilization.


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