Sunday, May 31, 2009


Everytime summer rolls around I really start getting inspired by the traditional costume of other cultures. So I thought I'd start sharing some scans I did from two of my favorite books on the subject: Ethnic Style: History and Fashion by Verenice Geoffroy-Schnieter and (Un)Fashion by Tibor and Maira Kalman. I actually have way too many to post in one post, so I thought I'd share according to culture.

First up, India. I highly suggest clicking on the pictures to make them bigger.

From Ethnic Style: Women in Saris. Worn in the style of Northern India (influenced by Muslim culture). Hand Ornament in Silver and Colored Glass How great is that hand ornament!?

I find Indian jewelry to be extremely amazing. While bangles are nice, I'm particularly interested in naths (aka nose rings). More specifically naths with chains. Lucky for me that most naths do not require a nose piercings. I'd love to wear one around. Debating if I would want a nice small one with a chain, or a large "in your face" one like the kind gentleman wearing it two pictures down.

From Ethnic Style: Ceremonial jewelry and makeup

From (Un)Fashion: Man from the Jodhpur region of India

Speaking of Jodhpur, I'm dying to visit this place, particularly during a time when there are a lot of Hindu festivities. It just looks divine. I'd love to roam the blue city, tour the fort (see 3rd picture down), stay in the palace and shop the local market... you know and score a bitchin' nath with chain and silk fabrics.

Remaining images via Higher Being Blog, Photos By Martin, Holiday IQ , and other sources via google images


  1. I've been to Jodhpur! amazing, that blue city (well, its half the city really) is so insane to look at, and the fort on the hill gives you the best view. so freaking beautiful.

  2. holy shit those hand adornments are out of this world

  3. Amazing photographs... thanks for posting! India is one place I haven't been to (unless you count the Mumbai airport) and I'm dying to go. I've been to Indian weddings and the outfits and jewelry are truly stunning. I think few realize how much work goes into them (and how expensive they are).. it really is their version of couture. I'd also love to visit their markets and just absorb their culture.

  4. Yeah you should def go. India as a whole is the most out of this world experience, unlike ANY other. The colours, the smells, its just the best. scary, also, but in a good way.

  5. That hand ornament is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

    You have no idea how bad I want to go to India.

  6. to many people this is something odd or creepy, to me is culture, every culture ove this world have their own style something that make it different each to other.

  7. I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!


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