Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Perfect Drug

Found out today, thanks to a most generous and wonderful friend, that there's a good chance I might be going to see NIN and Jane's Addiction tomorrow.

In light of such news, I wanted to share some information I gathered, from another wonderful blog, Wicked Halo.

Regardless, if you're into Nine Inch Nails or not, it is my opinion that the music video for Closer is relevant in fashion now. This video was definatley been an inspiration for me when I was in my teen years. Besides, Trent Reznor is HOT. That being said....

This video gives some great insight into the art that inspired the Closer music video. It's about a half hour long but worth the time (nothing like Making of the Video a la MTV).

NIN: The Making of the "Closer" Video from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Wicked Halo goes into more depth about the video, and includes a lot of visuals such as these. Please check out the blog. It's extremely good!


  1. ah, that looks scary =)

  2. Know I'm kinda late, but thanks for the lovely compliment :)

  3. What is that symbol? What does it mean? I think you must add some text, to improve the blog. The illustrations are perfect but it'd be more interesting if you can add the explanation to get all in the right context.


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