Friday, May 22, 2009

The pictures below illustrate how I dress to outdoor concerts that go from day to night. While not amazingly stylish by any means, it's all very strategic.

a) Comfortable shoes for walking from car to box office, box office to end of huge fucking line, back of the line to front entrance, entrance to seat. If you've been to Verizon Wireless Ampitheater in Irvine, you know why comfy shoes are essential.
b) Bright color in case friend and I get split up (it was a NIN show, it's safe to assume that most are in head to toe, or mostly black)
c) Layers. Brought a Sex Pistols Fuck Forever thermal and men's black distressed leather motorcycle jacket.
d) Omission of spikes. At most large shows, I've been asked to remove them (which means throw them away or go back to the car).

Now this is what I really wanted to post. Thanks to NIN, I almost went blind. I posted two pictures to illustrate how fucking bright the lighting was.

Lastly... I'm usually not attracted to lead singers of bands but gawd.. TRENT REZNOR just does it for me.

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  1. Great advice for the concert. I've seen NIN a few times and I'm going to another show in a few months. I'd also advise to wear solid shoes if you're going to be anywhere on the floor. Somehow mine always get trampled on. The bright clothes color is a great idea actually considering everyone else usually wears black.


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