Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ordinary Objects Can Become Something Else....

"In my work, I talk about two things. One is about the search for possible changes and new meanings in the most ordinary objects of our daily lives. I believe that many of the mundane objects have boudless capabilities of transforming into something else. Under the moto ORDINARY OBJECTS CAN BECOME SOMETHING ELSE, my works come mostly from my childhood experiences. By little(or it may be big) transformations they make, the objects gain new meanings with only one purpose/function.
Second is to express the symphony of design and craft. My projects never undergo machinery process. Therefore only small quantities are 'crafted' out of my hands
" -Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee is an amazing furniture, lighting and jewelry designer based out of Korea. I was originally drawn the amazing sponge block seats, but then I saw the woven lights.

I"m particularly obsessed with black deconstructed piece.

Everything via Kwangho Lee Official Website

Woven Lighting

Lighting and Furniture Made From Sponge Block


  1. These are incredible. I love his take on turning ordinary mundane objects into other pieces. The woven light is pretty cool, but I think I've fallen for the sponge chairs. I wonder if they're as comfortable as they look? Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. That's pretty amazing.
    The chairs remind me of my dad, you know how he likes that kind of stuff..

  3. If only I could own these...seriously

  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^ I agree....

    and those chairs are seriously killing it

  5. I think that those pictures are so good, some excellent examples to art, I would like to have some of them in my bedroom.
    The first picture of the girl is so sexy.


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