Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Retail Therapy

This week has been super hectic. I really have not had any time to myself, so I've used this excuse for some irresponsible retail therapy.

As soon as I got back from Dallas, my first instinct was to go to shopping in Laguna, but upon dropping off my luggage, I decided Ieaving the apartment wasn't a great idea. Therefore, I opted for the sale. Too bad everything I wanted was either out of my budget, or completely unjustifiable. But thought I'd share some of pieces I was looking at anyhow.


Peachoo and Krejberg


Junya Watanabe


Go figure, after returning from a hot and humid Dallas, I still end up looking at jackets and sweaters...

Anyway I ended up finding this Junya Watanabe piece on ebay and it's officially mine! I was so excited to find this piece, as I've been wanting the pull-over version since it first came out.. Also it was a steal, and apparently worn once by Cher. How's that for a cherry on top? Hope it was dry cleaned first =X


  1. I know, that Junya WATANABE moto jacket/dress is on right now and I'm seriously tempted!!

  2. i love that Peachoo and Krejberg jacket. very organic.

  3. this gaultier jacket is rad amazing...

  4. i love that margiela jacket!


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