Saturday, August 1, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friend...

Bought this little guy after stalking him for a very very very long time. I have a feeling he'll be quite abused.

A night in, after two nights of going out, is a relief. Happy to be home with my pet, a cold glass of water and best of all, some piece and quiet.

I have a lot of pictures that have accumulated onto my desktop, here is a set styled by Kattaca, shot by Paco Peregrin. I believe the editorial was entitled Fresh.


  1. love the editorial a mix between goth and robots and this piercing.... wish I had my ears pierced

    btw do you know were I could find the skeletton editorial on the net??
    I only have a few pix find throught out other blogs but would love to see how the original one looks like!


  2. ^I made a post especially for you =)

  3. i really like your earring! after seeing it on you i think i'll get one, too.

  4. i want the earrings, please!

  5. oh my god where is that amazing snake earring from!!! robyn!! you have to tell me haha

  6. Nadia! First off, it's Alchemy Gothic any "goth" store should carry the line. Secondly, when are you posting next? I want more foxy!


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