Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Games and Restriction, Candy, Twilight and Guns

"Games and Restriction, Candy, Twilight and Guns" from Arena Homme + 's Hard Times issue is always on the brain...well.... for several reasons.. I think they're quite obvious. Anyways, my colleague happened to have this issue, and my zeal for borrowing this editorial resulted in me swearing up and down to him that it was for the amazing styling of Mr. Panos Yiapanis, and not for the naked men. And I was telling the truth (I'm usually attracted to men who look like they might stink a little.. or a lot).

Anyhow, it's too good not to share. So I've scanned the editorial.

I think Mr. Yiapanis needs to come out with a clothing line. I don't believe I've ever been more frustrated with "stylist's own" credits as I am with his.

*images from Arena Homme +, scanned by me.


  1. i have never ever heard something about this magazine...

  2. i love panos, and arena homme has some good editorials

  3. Let me guess... all the trousers are 'stylists own'? Damn, I love the studded number and the one with chains. Thanks for scanning these... I think it's even more difficult to make an editorial feat. men look artistic and dramatic, not cheesy. It's slightly easier with women. And I know this from experience (it's also way harder to cast men... sigh).

  4. Haute Shopper: You're absolutely correct. I believe the whole editorial is comprised of Givenchy and Panos's own creations. Also I totally agree about casting men. Actually, I think casting, without an extremely large budget, can be difficult.

  5. i absolutely love these. the second last photograph is gorgeous.


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