Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Necromance: Los Angeles

nec⋅ro⋅man⋅cy  [nek-ruh-man-see]
1. a method of divination through alleged communication with the dead; black art.
2. magic in general, esp. that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft; conjuration.

About a year and a half ago, while driving through Melrose in Los Angeles, I caught a glimpse of a small shop window that would release some raging curiosity in me that would only start to subside last weekend. The display in this window, with it's antique dolls and mannequin parts hanging from large hooks, literally caused me to squeal with delight. One look at the name of the boutique, and I knew I had to go in. This shop was Necromance.

Unfortunately it was close to 2 AM, and the store was obviously closed. I had been on the website, but hadn't been to physically go to the store until last Friday, while on a impromptu shopping excursion with my roommate.

Honestly, all I can say was that upon entering, I immediately fell in love. The first thing I noticed, was the huge stuffed peacock the owner, Nancy, had mounted on the wall above her counter. Secondly, her beautiful grayhounds, Darwin and Donner. And then there were the collections of skull figures, books, old medical devices and pharmaceutical bottles.

I browsed through some amazing fang rings, and skull beads. And ended up with two postcards and a bone ring for my thumb.

Nancy was kind enough to let me take pictures of her two stores on Melrose. One is dedicated to human biological artifacts, and the second is dedicated to animals.

Nancy, and the kind shop girl at the taxidermy store were extremely sweet. If you're into the creepy stuff like I am, I highly suggest visiting Nancy and her doggies at her shop in Los Angeles.

7220 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 934-8684

Necromance East: Focusing in "olde" medicine, mourning jewelry, and things related to human death.
Also, included, a picture of one of the greyhounds, it fell asleep right in the middle of the store!

Necromance West: Focused on taxidermy. They had a great selection of taxidermy jewelry as well.

Also.. managed to scarf this baby down. Bratwurst sandwhich from Clementine Bakery. Yum!


  1. wow, i am really sad that something like this doesn't exist in my neighbourhood.

  2. wow..i should check if we have something like that in the netherlands..

    One Love,

  3. eeeee, that's brilliant,
    too bad i'm on the other side of the world CRY CRY
    i was just thinking about tracking down a taxidermy store today
    i've always wanted jars of preserved reptiles
    i man i told my friend to get me taxidermied animals for my brithday next year...she kind of eyebrowed me :(

  4. oh and that candle looks to die for!
    vintage book store yeahh

  5. first thanks for posting me the thights website their quite cool and bizare.. might be stocking them

    and I am so jalouse you find a place like this... It looks like an laboratory in an old horror movie
    those two shops are uber wicked!!! I have been secretly obssesed with taxidermy for a long time, feeling a bit shame. but if I have the chande to go to L.A this is for sure my first stop (alone)

  6. Necromance is Right up my alley!!!! i've i'm ever back in LA i'll definitely be checking them Both out!! thanks for the pics!! stores are usually pretty cool about you taking pictures once you tell them it's for your blog/site. free publicity!

  7. Rackk: You might want to check out The Evolution Store in NYC.

    La Chauve and Panache: Don't worry, I've been closeted for awhile as well. I used to have a fake taxidermy crow in my room 2 years ago, and most of my visitors thought it was extremely creepy.

    Melina and Jowy: I highly encourage you to look for somewhere near you. There's crazy stores all over the place, it just takes some time to look =)

  8. Ahhh, I went there the last time I was in LA and bought a ton of coyote teeth that I made into an awesome necklace. I can't wait to go back.

  9. what an awesome post!!! this shop is crazy

  10. Whenever I'm on Melrose I visit Necromance! One of the rare jewels in LA :)

    PS: had no idea you were an LA kid :)

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