Monday, November 16, 2009


I completely forgot about these pictures I took, over 6 months ago, of some purchases I made while shopping in Long Beach. I only found recently found them whilst uploading pictures from the Three Apples: Hello Kitty Gothic Party at Royal/T.

so glad I nabbed these yellow python print lace up boots! I've gotten great use out of them!

And finally a non-corny Youtube video of my favorite song by the Distillers.


  1. your python boots are stunning!!!

  2. Wow, those boots are quite something. And they're yellow? Very cool. I love the Union Jack boots as well.

  3. ROBYN

    before I start on how amazing this post is....
    I first want to tell you how much I value you as a blogger/reader/commenter!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for thoughtful comments you leave on my blog, I'm sure I've told you this before anyway (and if I haven't, then I have certainly thought it and have ment to tell you) but I value your imput so so so much, and am very lucky that people like you read my blog and have something intelligent and relevant to say.

    Now to this post aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh right up my alley... I haven't admired a blogger's acquisitions with sheer jealousy in ages, (seriously I find most shit to be quite generic these days) and here you got me not only with the snake boots (which are fucking incredible) but with the union jack creepers, that fucking rose hat which if you don't mind I am going to D.I.Y A.S.A.P and credit to you, and the pistols and zz top shirts... The thing that makes all these items even sweeter is the fact that you actually being into the music these inevitably represent, deserve to wear them with pride... I really can't say that about a lot of bloggers.

    thank you thank you thank you SORRY BOUT MY WEIRD COMMENT!!!


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