Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Madonna & Meisel and some circa 90s Bondage Glory

I remember, as a pre-teen, finding a Madonna coffee table book nestled nicely in one of my elder sibling's bookshelf. Obviously my first thought was "OMG! YAY! Madonna picture book".... and then I opened it, quickly closed it and stored the images into the back of my head.. Now a decade later, I'm thinking... "I wonder if that book is still lying around somewhere, and if it is does, if I can have it."

Anyways, I don't know what compelled me to seek out the book, but I'm glad I did! If you want to see the whole lot, please visit this website to see more pictures: http://www.madonna-online.ch


  1. The first time I saw the book I was at a store and it felt so naughty to look through it. Cheap thrills of youth.

  2. I actually remember seeing these the first time as well. I think by that point nothing about Madonna shocked me anymore... but they were very provocative. I think what stunned me the most was that Vanilla Ice was posing with her in one of the shots. I was surprised he was deemed worthy of being in a picture with her ;-) Today however I can truly appreciate the concept behind it and how visually stunning the photography is.

  3. DAYUM!!!! These pictures are stunning!!! Thanks for sharing, I dont recall if I've ever seen them before.


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