Sunday, March 29, 2009


More scans from HUGE magazine. I've cropped some stuff out due to bad photoshopping and laziness.

Editorial: One Track
Photographer: Wataru
Styling: Tsyoshi Noguchi


  1. Love Cole Mohr. . . It's so funny, based solely on his look you would expect him to have some raspy british accent but he's actually a dorky Texan . . . love it

  2. Oh man!!! Don't even get me started on Beyonce... I definitely agree with you, it's not even just her music, it's her in general as well. Actually, yeah when I was looking for pictures I came across some type of text/article saying that he will be designing for her, don't really know what to think - it's kind of like when you see a Gareth Pugh design on a model, its fantastic, and then you see Beyonce in it and it completely ruins it, right? haha! anyway, thanks heaps :)

    ps: come back and do a post!


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