Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lately, I've been finding men's editorials much more engaging than the women's.

Here's an editorial by Steven Klein from Dutch Magazine sometime in 2002.

Okay, lastly. I bought this Junya Watanabe top several weeks ago. Probably wasn't the smartest purchase, but I can't bare the thought of parting with it. *Sigh* Perhaps it would be smarter to return it......


  1. I agree about the editorials. I think its because there is no comparison to myself because the models are all men! but maybe thats just me being weird.

    and the Junya top is gorgeous! DON'T return it!

  2. ok um, whatever you do... DO NOT RETURN THE WATANABE!!!!!!!! I love menswear editorials too!! but i just love menswear in general. The last outfit in that ed is great!

    Fabrics I used were just a cheap polyester chiffon (the transparent fabric) and the non transparent fabric was a silk cotton. I guess it's good having subcultures (you live in OC??!! is it like the show? haha) but I just feel like some are so commercially generated, especially those emo kids... like wtf do they stand for? rich kids who can't find their identity so they have to buy into commercialized bullshit (both bands and clothing) that is aimed specifically at them - they then develop this "i am emotionally challenged facade" in order to justify their appearance and taste in music that has been created for them. Anyway, that was just a rant about the emo subculture, and in Melbourne in general!

    I don't know, but subculture just doesn't seem the same as it use to be.. it just has no cause anymore, hey?

  3. i love the top. ..seriously..gorgeous..

  4. I love the top you should keep wearing it!

  5. never return zebra stripes. period.

  6. hahaahaha dude, that's so weird about mother and then listening to the stooges when i put that other youtube thing up!! trust me i would be freaked out too!!!

    i loved your long comment, they are always the best!!! when i was writing the comment above ^^^^^^^^^^ (my initial rant about fake subcultures) it was SO long and going no where so i had to cut it back... but now that i think about it, i should have just kept ranting because you clearly know where i'm coming from!

    OC kind of sounds like the gold coast in Australia.. my boyfriend's parents live there and I went up there for a week with him during Christmas last year. It's so full on fucking picture perfect and everyone is just really generic and uncultured. We went to a shopping center and everyone was just looking at us like we were freaks!! haha. no shit - my bf use to have bottles thrown at him because he's a guy with long hair and skinny jeans. crazy

  7. ....have a look at that!!! a long comment! haha


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