Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slim Barrett

Was browsing Slim Barret's website and came across these pieces from his chainmail collection. I believe these pieces are from the late 80s.

View more Slim Barrett here: www.slimbarrett.com

Let's Start Off With Some Dresses and Skirts/Aprons

Now for some tops...

Just for the hell of it. Butthole Surfers, Who Was In My Room Last Night


  1. 23094820398402NAJA$ER@#$@#$@#$@#$
    WTF?!@# AMAZING!!!! CHAINS!!

  2. oh my god... 5 weeks ago for uni, we had to do this exercise of constructing something out of a non traditional (ie sewing) garment making technique... no shit I did this chain this kind of similar, but obviously not as good!!!! i want to post it now and show you haha!! but its kind of shit though

  3. i die and go to heaven. These pieces are so sick! I've been starting to experiment with chain drapery more, such an art.


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