Monday, April 6, 2009

Uptown, Downtown, All Around

Scans from March 2009's Interview. I absolutely love the clothing used in these photos, especially the first three. Actually, i like all of them. That is the point of scanning them in no?

*click the images to make them bigger.


  1. i love jackson's balmain military jacket!!!!

    and i'm so tired of seeing harley everywhere....but i do love the bracelets she's wearing

  2. this editorial is fantastic. i love the margiela coat. i want, i want, i want!! but i could do without harley. who the fuck is she anyway??

  3. oh my fucking god these are so damn good

    and yeah i totally know what you're talking about... i'm also so sick of that "i was inspired by the trees and wind and how sea and city life" bullshit... OBVIOUSLY you weren't, you were inspired by a fuckin trend forecasting sheet haha

    i too could rant about this forever!!

  4. Jesus, i pretty much want to cry whenever I see that Lanvin leopard print top thing in an editorial SO GOOD.


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