Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Feel the Need, It Lets You Bleed, You Must Concede, My Love

"During my first years in Paris I lived at night, going to bed at sunrise, getting up at sunset, wandering about the city from Montparnasse to Montmartre. And even though I had always ignored and disliked photography before, I was inspired to become a photographer by my desire to translate all the things that enchanted me in the nocturnal Paris I was experiencing."-Brassai

I've been holding on to these images for quite some time. Several months ago, while perusing the library, I stumbled upon a book by Brasaai entitled The Secret Paris of the 30s. I was immediately captured by his sense of adventure, and how he delved deep into the nocturnal life of Paris. The book was filled with pictures depicting bordellos, street-walkers, mobsters, and alternative night clubs. I found the whole book very inspiring.

I think I practically scanned the whole book, and I plan to eventually share most of my scans.. but for tonight, I'd like to share one of favorite sets: The Opium Den.

The Chinoserie decor wrapped in a smoky haze of mysticism and the dream like state of the subjects.. okay well the extremely high state of the subjects, leaves me yearning to jump into my own embroidered silk robe, light a bunch of candles, and due a bunch of nothing.

-all scans by me from Brassai's The Secret Paris of the 30s


  1. If only the reality of the drug was as sumptuous as these images...

  2. These pictures are amazing! I've always been intrigued by Opium, with it's history and all. It just seems so relaxing! (Obviously that isn't the reality of it.)


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