Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Games and Restriction, Candy, Twilight and Guns

"Games and Restriction, Candy, Twilight and Guns" from Arena Homme + 's Hard Times issue is always on the brain...well.... for several reasons.. I think they're quite obvious. Anyways, my colleague happened to have this issue, and my zeal for borrowing this editorial resulted in me swearing up and down to him that it was for the amazing styling of Mr. Panos Yiapanis, and not for the naked men. And I was telling the truth (I'm usually attracted to men who look like they might stink a little.. or a lot).

Anyhow, it's too good not to share. So I've scanned the editorial.

I think Mr. Yiapanis needs to come out with a clothing line. I don't believe I've ever been more frustrated with "stylist's own" credits as I am with his.

*images from Arena Homme +, scanned by me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Day...

I will hopefully be cruising one of these babies down Pacific Coast Highway, top down, wind blowing in my hair- making it stick to my lip gloss- all the while deafening all those near me with my version of Iron Maiden's The Trooper. Elegant image eh?

Thanks Dad for passing down the love of the road, and forcing me to learn how to drive on a stick shift.

1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible with Suicide Doors in Black. Other colors need not apply.

1963 Chevy Sting Ray Coupe

*all images taken from google images.

Necromance: Los Angeles

nec⋅ro⋅man⋅cy  [nek-ruh-man-see]
1. a method of divination through alleged communication with the dead; black art.
2. magic in general, esp. that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft; conjuration.

About a year and a half ago, while driving through Melrose in Los Angeles, I caught a glimpse of a small shop window that would release some raging curiosity in me that would only start to subside last weekend. The display in this window, with it's antique dolls and mannequin parts hanging from large hooks, literally caused me to squeal with delight. One look at the name of the boutique, and I knew I had to go in. This shop was Necromance.

Unfortunately it was close to 2 AM, and the store was obviously closed. I had been on the website, but hadn't been to physically go to the store until last Friday, while on a impromptu shopping excursion with my roommate.

Honestly, all I can say was that upon entering, I immediately fell in love. The first thing I noticed, was the huge stuffed peacock the owner, Nancy, had mounted on the wall above her counter. Secondly, her beautiful grayhounds, Darwin and Donner. And then there were the collections of skull figures, books, old medical devices and pharmaceutical bottles.

I browsed through some amazing fang rings, and skull beads. And ended up with two postcards and a bone ring for my thumb.

Nancy was kind enough to let me take pictures of her two stores on Melrose. One is dedicated to human biological artifacts, and the second is dedicated to animals.

Nancy, and the kind shop girl at the taxidermy store were extremely sweet. If you're into the creepy stuff like I am, I highly suggest visiting Nancy and her doggies at her shop in Los Angeles.

7220 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 934-8684

Necromance East: Focusing in "olde" medicine, mourning jewelry, and things related to human death.
Also, included, a picture of one of the greyhounds, it fell asleep right in the middle of the store!

Necromance West: Focused on taxidermy. They had a great selection of taxidermy jewelry as well.

Also.. managed to scarf this baby down. Bratwurst sandwhich from Clementine Bakery. Yum!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


This post is especially for the lovely and talented La Chauve-Souris.

The work of Fumie Sasabuchi. I don't remember where I got these photos, but I'll post a link once I figure it out.

**EDITED.. Images via Galerie Zink Please click the link to see more.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friend...

Bought this little guy after stalking him for a very very very long time. I have a feeling he'll be quite abused.

A night in, after two nights of going out, is a relief. Happy to be home with my pet, a cold glass of water and best of all, some piece and quiet.

I have a lot of pictures that have accumulated onto my desktop, here is a set styled by Kattaca, shot by Paco Peregrin. I believe the editorial was entitled Fresh.

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