Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bullet Screams To Me From Somewhere...

Is anyone else completely bored and feeling uninspired by fashion as of late? For the past couple of months fashion has left me feeling, well...a bit stale. I'd elaborate on the many reasons behind my boredom, but I don't have the time nor the energy to open this can of worms.

Anyway, while wading in the clusterfuck that is my brain, I thought I'd pop on the blog and really start to share things that consistently inspire or move me. Hence this Alice in Chains post (actually it's more like a Layne Staley tribute). After all, good music and gorgeous men never cease to inspire =)

Alice in Chains is by far my favorite group to come out of the 90s grunge scene. Yes, I like them more than Nirvana. Blasphemy? Who knows. Nirvana may have Alice beat in quantity of good songs, but no Nirvana song beats The Rooster..or Man in the Box.. or Would for that matter. Just my humble 2 cents.

Regardless of the preference, Alice In Chains has some really seductive and dark grunge tunes. There's nothing I've been enjoying more than drowning out the world and listening to "the Rooster' full blast. I've gone ahead and embedded my favorite Alice in Chains songs in this post for your auditory pleasure...

Oh and of course, I had to put up some eye candy aka the late Layne Staley.

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  1. I LOVE AiC!!! I saw them last weekend and blogged about it. Layne was the best but William DuVall stands in wonderfully! Check it out here:

  2. Alice in chains is the best band ever as far as I am concerned...Layne is the hottest man to ever walk the earth...I would have to say I listen to Alice or Mad Season everyday...My favorite song by Alice is Nutshell or It Ain't Like That...Check this out...

  3. saw Celebrity Rehab season 3, with the bassplayer from Alice in Chains... that was sad... really sad... so fucked up...

  4. christiejolu: thanks for the video. amazing how a song with such few words can be so moving.

  5. might have been more convincing if you hadnt used thye phrase 'eye candy'. Something tells me the likes of Stanley, Cobain & vedder weren't going for that look.

  6. Tom, I see your point. But it seems like your use of the term of eye candy is reserved for deliberately good looking people who have little to no substance.

    My definition doesn't assign those negative qualities to the term. The Brad Pitt's and Zac Efron's of the world aren't really my type anyways.


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