Thursday, May 6, 2010


This large plastic bin full of leather has been silently mocking me from across my room for the last 6 months...


  1. YUM! Make stuff make stuff make stuff!

    Ps. I just spent all morning watching Alice In Chains videos - your comment on DI$COUNT reminded me how much I used to love them! RIP Layne... the band died with you in my eyes!

  2. i lack the appropriate needles and my machine sucks donkey balls. so i'm going to do a collabo with a good friend of mine and sew something at his place. when!? I have no clue! i'm far too lazy to do anything useful as of late.

    oh and yes! staley was a fine specimen of a man! i'm going to have to do a tribute post soon. i'm feeling uninspired by fashion right now, so onward to music!.... i guess lol.


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