Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coffin Couches & Ohne Titel

Today I stumbled upon Haute Macabre, a super bitchin blog focusing on all things dark. Seriously I'm in love.

Annnywhoo, whilst clicking around said blog, I stumbled upon this coffin couch . Seriously how fucking rad are these things? Apparently they're recycled (used but not buried). Of course, me being my demented self, don't give a rats ass about it. I NEED THIS. Immediamente por favor. .

Oh and I need these Ohne Titel boots and booties too

*picture from


  1. you are fucking with me with this couch.. right?
    its amazing i have really never seen anything like it. I also thought thought I knew quite alot about it.

  2. like seriously, ONE DAY it will be mine I will make it somehow...!!!!!!


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