Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Collection That Started It All

These pictures are from Alexander McQueen's Fall 2001 Collection. This is what I believe to be the catalyst that started my obsession with high fashion. Before this, I was just a confused high school student with an identity crisis and bad shopping habit.


I love the accessories and props he used in this collection. The headresses and gold skeletons are amazing. There's this one image of a model with a gold human skeleton clinging to her ankle as it drags behind her. Too bad I can't find it anywhere =(

*photos from and


  1. robyn-
    I am going to check out that etsy shop asap. By the way, you are so awesome for posting older fashion shows instead of current ones, these alexander mcqueen shots are so punk and feels SO NOW and it just proves how fashion is just a merry go round.

  2. i looove mc queen!!!thanks for these pics!

  3. That collection is rad. That helmet would be a great DIY project.


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